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The Knowledge Project was founded with the vision that e-Learning should be an enjoyable and memorable experience. Our mission is to make e-Learning a better experience for everyone.

We provide expertise across a wide range of training initiatives – from content analysis and conversion, to template design and custom content development.

We combine attention to detail with creativity to craft quality, innovative, interactive digital learning experiences that engage and motivate learners through effective instructional design.

How we work

We start each project by spending time with you finding out about your learning problem and your goals and objectives for the training. This helps us to design the perfect training solution for your needs.

This is where we focus on the course content, key instructional features, course flow and navigational elements.

Now we get to create and assemble the content assets and graphic elements - this is where the magic starts to happen and your vision begins to come to life!

There's also a lot of testing that goes on in this phase...

A final review, testing in your delivery environment and then the course is yours! Well, almost - we get you to sign off on the project, then you get to keep all the source files. We know you'll love your new customised learning solution!

Our work

We’re currently in the process of updating this page to showcase even more awesome examples of our work like the one below.

Check back here soon…or why not take a look at our Storyline 360 Templates Library!