storyline templates faq


Our templates have all been developed to a superior standard using the features of Storyline 360 – including the Story Size, the Colour Theme, fonts, images, Slide Masters and Player settings. The hard work is done for you, but we have left room for you to customise the templates to suit your own style. Customisations are easy to do using the Storyline 360 rapid authoring software.

A subscription to Storyline Templates entitles you to use our templates for commercial purposes, including building courses for your clients. The only limitation is that you cannot download and resell any of our templates online in any format in direct competition to us, or give them away to others.

Take a look at our Terms of Use for more information.

We know you won’t be able to stop at just one template! Our subscription plans are designed with flexibility to allow you to choose, explore and download the ultimate package of templates for your needs.

You can read all the details on our Terms of Use page.

Yes – of course!

We will be releasing new products on a regular basis and your subscription entitles you to access all new products released within your subscription category. 

The free subscription entitles you to browse freely through the Storyline Templates site, view all of our demos, and download any free templates we have available.

You can’t go wrong, really!

All you need to do is provide us with a few details and you’re signed up.

No credit card details are needed.

When you first register or purchase one of our subscriptions, we give you a link to our “Working With Our Templates” page where you’ll find some useful information to get you started.